After Successful SAP Installation is done you have to do post activities before system use or we can say handover to consultants

Post Steps same Either SAP ECC or S4/HANA System
SAP Installation Step by Step Guide with Video

01) SAP GUI Installation – Especially If you use for Personally Use at Home System
02) If you roll out in Office then push the IP address to All the Users SAP GUI 
03) Start SAP MMC Services so SAP Server will up Service

After Successfully completing the Part Post Activity such as SAP MMC Steps, SAP GUI Installation, and IP Address setting need to login and perform Activities at the Application Level

04) Check T-Code SICK – If any installation Error then you can check 
05) Client Copy 
06) SAP Load Generator (SGEN)
07) Apply License 

After successfully completing the SAP Installation Part, post-activity tasks like SAP MMC Steps, SAP GUI Installation, and IP Address setting must be completed. The requirement to Create Clients Now

08) Client Creation (SCC4)
09) Client Copy from the 000 or 001
10) Profile Selection
11) Parameter Selection
12) SAP* Parameter Value
13) RFC Creation for Client Copy

After following all the mentioned steps completed you can hand over or start using SAP for Daily use. As per Industry Roll Out there are lots of things you have to check but all the steps are not in any specific order it’s depended on requirements but all the important steps are covered in the SAP installation blog with Post Activities

➜ Official Method to Remove SAP from the OS without format 

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