If you are reading this post means you are using SAP and want to be curious about how actually SAP installation performs by Basis Consultants.

SAP Installation is not a standard installation setup – Generally, we install regular software just click on the Setup file and give the installation path and within minutes our program successfully installation is done, but in SAP installation method is completely different.

If you want to install SAP then you have to decide OS, DB, SAP Netweaver Version, Kernel Version, and lots of other parameters value you have to define before starting the installation

Here we have taken below Media for SAP Installation

  • Operating System – Windows Server 2016
  • SAP Version – ECC6 with EHP6
  • Database – ASE Sybase DB 15.7

In this video, we’ll be walking you through the SAP Live Installation step-by-step guide with an explanation. We’ll cover entire SAP Installation process, what to do during the installation, and how to troubleshoot any problems.

  • SAP Installation Hardware – RAM, Processor, Disk
  • OS Pre-requisite – Nomenclature, Host Details, Swap Partition, Page File
  • Mount Points – Sizing
  • Directory Structure – usr/sapmnt
  • DB Structure

If you’re looking to install SAP Live, then this is the guide for you! We’ll walk you through the entire installation process, from start to finish, and we’ll help you to troubleshoot any problems that may arise. So don’t miss out, and be sure to watch this video now!

SAP Post Installation Step by Step Guide with Video

14 Replies to “SAP ECC Installation Step by Step Guide”

  1. Anonymous 3 months ago

    where are files?

  2. Sir, need ur urgent help, i am trying to install JAVA and trying to map it in environment variable, and after that tried to check in CMD but its not showing error that javac is not recognised as interneal or external command,
    i have Three windows in same CPU and in HD windows 7 and in another HD windows 10 and Server 2016, windows 10 is installed in C drive and Server in J drive and i installed JAVA in C drive and done the same as you shown in video but still its giving me error,, am doing anything wrong,,pls let me know

    1. if you use two os in the same pc then you need to find server os installed drive and create new path same as regular os

  3. hi Team_PitCia

    i am unable to download the java. will i get a compatible one from any other sources

    1. all the files already available – you can download

  4. can i install this package on suse linux?

    1. no – it is only for Windows Server

  5. Reyhan Horoz 8 months ago

    I made your video up to the 11th minute, but sapinst does not open. A screen like this comes up. It does not continue even if I wait for 1 hour.

    Program is starting… Please wait!

    INFO 2023-04-25 11:16:52.190 (mainThread) [sixxcreate.cpp:347]
    Initial log directory: C:\Users\REYHAN\.sapinst\LAPTOP-0V139UO2\14580

    SAPinst build information:
    Version: 749.0.66
    Build: 1887574
    Compile time: Nov 27 2018 – 16:25:49
    Make type: optU
    Codeline: 749_REL
    Platform: ntamd64
    Kernel build: 749, patch 616, changelist 1887483
    SAP JRE build: SAP Java Server VM (build 8.1.046 9.0.4+011, Oct 17 2018 19:00:56 – 81_REL – optU – windows amd64 – 6 – bas2:310257 (mixed mode))
    SAP JCo build: 3.0.18
    SL-UI version: 2.6.43
    SAP UI5 version: 1.54.1
    Exe directory: C:\Users\REYHAN\AppData\Local\Temp\sapinst_exe.3080.1682410595

    SAPinst process information:
    Pid: 14580

    INFO 2023-04-25 11:16:57.007 (LAPTOP-0V139UO2\REYHAN) (startInstallation) [CSiManagerInterfaces.cpp:2348]
    Problem with the DNS configuration: could not determine the DNS domain of host LAPTOP-0V139UO2

    INFO 2023-04-25 11:17:01.541 (LAPTOP-0V139UO2\REYHAN) (guiWatchdog) [CSLPCommunicationServer.cpp:350]
    Problem with the DNS configuration: could not determine the DNS domain of host LAPTOP-0V139UO2

    INFO 2023-04-25 11:17:07.731 (LAPTOP-0V139UO2\REYHAN) (startInstallation) [synxcuser.cpp:2099]
    ADsGetObject(WinNT://LAPTOP-0V139UO2/Administrators,user) returns hr=-2147022675

    INFO 2023-04-25 11:17:08.632 (LAPTOP-0V139UO2\REYHAN) (SLPCommunicator) [SLPMonitoringStatemachine.cpp:1402]
    Open your browser and paste the following URL address to access the GUI
    Logon users: [LAPTOP-0V139UO2\REYHAN]

    INFO 2023-04-25 11:17:08.633 (LAPTOP-0V139UO2\REYHAN) (SLPCommunicator) [synxcsymgt.cpp:192] CSySystemMgtImpl::openUrlWithBrowser()
    Opening url ‘https://LAPTOP-0V139UO2:4237/sapinst/docs/index.html’

    INFO 2023-04-25 11:17:09.959 (LAPTOP-0V139UO2\REYHAN) (startInstallation) [SLPSelftestHandler.cpp:156]
    ERROR in Selftest. Return code: 3
    Check if there is another sapinst process is running on the same host and using the same HTTPS port.

    INFO 2023-04-25 11:17:09.959 (LAPTOP-0V139UO2\REYHAN) (startInstallation) [SLPSelftestHandler.cpp:157]
    Full output of selftest:
    Connecting to: https://LAPTOP-0V139UO2:4237
    executing: GET /sapinst/slp/whoami HTTP/1.1
    HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized
    Exit code: 3

    INFO 2023-04-25 11:17:10.093 (LAPTOP-0V139UO2\REYHAN) (SLPCommunicator) [CWebDispatcherHandlerBase.cpp:379]
    Leaving Web Dispatcher log files
    in C:/Users/REYHAN/.sapinst/LAPTOP-0V139UO2/14580.

    Exit status of child: 3
    Not closing window (Exit State: 3; exitOnError: 0).

    1. It means you not properly installed JAVA, also need to set Variable value as shown in the Video

  6. Hello Team.

    On 48 phase got some error and retry also it is not going forward. as per the videos done with all the prerequisite. please help

    1. You need to Check the log file for error detail

  7. TELANGANA 9 months ago

    Please upload that file also.
    51041989_PART07 IS REPEATED.

    1. No – We have uploaded all the required installation Media – Might be due to your System issue it could be not visible to you – Try to disable Antivirus or Firewall.
      Using this Media there are lots of people able to download and install SAP for Practice

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